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E-residency for employees of foreign missions that are accredited to Estonia


Starting from 1 April 2015, the Republic of Estonia will be offering the possibility to apply for an e-resident's digital ID card at the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki.

An Estonian e-resident is a foreigner for whom Estonia has created a digital identity and issued a digital identity card. The e-resident digi-ID is a state-issued digital document that can only be used in the electronic environment in order to identify the person and to give digital signatures. The e-resident digi-ID enables a foreigner to participate in public and private administration of Estonia, notwithstanding their physical residence. The e-resident digi-ID does not grant a right to reside in Estonia.

The e-resident's digital ID card can be issued to all employees of foreign missions that hold a diplomatic or service card from the Estonian Foreign Ministry and their family members.

The application for the e-resident's digital ID card can be personally submitted at the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki. For further details and to make an appointment with a consul, please contact the Consular Section by e-mail or by phone 09 622 0288 (9.00-15.00).

The documents required for application are:

  1. a completed application form (possible to fill in on a computer screen or to print out  to fill in by own hand);
  2. the applicant's valid identity document (passport);
  3. one recent colour photo sized 40x50 mm, read more;
  4. the applicant’s diplomatic or service card issued by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Holders of diplomatic or service cards from the Estonian Foreign Ministry are not required to pay a state fee for applying and no fingerprints are taken. 

Documents submitted by the applicant shall be forwarded to the Police and Border Guard Board, who will perform a background check and make a decision regarding the granting (or refusal) of the e-resident's digital ID. The application period is about 4 weeks at the Embassy.

The Estonian Embassy will contact the applicant when the digital ID card is ready to be retrieved from the Embassy. The e-resident's digital ID card must be picked up personally and the applicant must bring his or her passport.


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